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Master Gears



Master Gears

Parker master gears are produced to the highest standards using grinding machines and inspection equipment specifically designed for the manufacture of master gears. This specialized technology allows us to achieve the highest quality at very competitive prices. Parker can also supply precision ground master worms for checking worm gears.

Due to the extensive range of tooling that has been built up over the years, Parker can offer a quick delivery on most master gears and tooling costs are rarely applied. All master gears provided by Parker are first designed in the Computer Aided Design office, which has been developed to provide rapid technical data and drawings of master gears to suit the production gear specification.

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The range of master gears Parker is able to provide is as follows:

Max. Pitch
(150 mm)
(250 mm)
Max. Pitch
2 DP
(12 Module)
2 DP
(12 Module)
Min. Pitch
220 DP
(0.11 Module)
220 DP
(0.11 Module)
Max. Helix Angle
Max. Face Width
(70 mm)
(150 mm)

To complement master gears, Parker can also provide a range of rebuilt Double Flank Roll Testing Machines which can be supplied with simple dial indicators, chart recorders, or sophisticated electronic recording and analysis systems.


Standard Gears

It has been common practice in the gear industry to order master gears with standard proportions of addendum, dedendum and half pitch tooth thickness. This can lead to problems when meshing with the component gear, particularly when the component gear has a small number of teeth. In some cases the addendum of the master gear may need modification to insure correct conjugate action to the form diameter of the component. It is recommended that wherever possible the design of the master gear is developed relative to the actual component specification.

Parker can supply both spur and helical master gears to most standards, the main ones being as follows:

ANSI/AGMA 2000-A88 and AGMA 390.03
B.S. 3696: and B.S. 3696/1
DIN 3970 and DIN 58420
J.I.S. 1751

Parker master gears are normally made from 01 Tool Steel and hardened to 60-62 Rc, but can be supplied in other steels or even carbide if required. Carbide master gears are sometimes used to check certain types of plastic gears where the material is very abrasive.


Standard Master Gear Blanks

Master Gears are designed to check individual components (if data supplied). Use of one master gear for several components may be possible - Please inquire

Size 1 recommended for fine pitch (20 DP & finer).
Size 2 and 5
recommended for coarse pitch (20 DP & coarser)
Tool steel hardened Rc 60-62

Other blank sizes, materials and qualities available. Please specify on inquiry.

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