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Operating Advantages and Characteristics

Speed control and stability:
The required output speed may be selected very precisely and with the automatic pressure regulation compensating for varying load conditions, speed variations are as low as 0.3%, so long as the unit is operated within rated capacity.

High efficiency:
Efficiency will vary with output speed; single roller models are 77 to 92% efficient and four roller models 87 to 93% while transmitting full rated capacity over the entire speed range.

Higher torque at low speeds:
Inherent in the F.U. design, this is a particularly useful characteristic for equipment having substantially higher torque requirements for starting or accelerating than for running.

Remote speed control:
All units except V 0.5 may be fitted with an optional remote controlled servo motor, operating through a worm gear reducer, for speed changing.

Automatic speed control:
An electronic speed control system is available for applications where output speed is required to vary automatically according to the requirements of the machine or equipment being driven.

Ribbed cast iron housing, efficient splash type lubrication and virtually vibration free operation combine to provide long life. 25,000 hrs. between overhauls.

With the exception of regular oil changes the F.U. drives require no specific maintenance nor part replacement schedule.

Environmental protection:
Special breather filters available for dusty or humid conditions. Special finishes are available for corrosive conditions.

To ensure efficient splash lubrication, the standard F.U. drive must be mounted upright with shafts horizontal. Special versions are available for other mounting positions, or for vertical operation. With these options, plus the geometric design and light weight, great versatility of mounting is possible.

Speed ranges:
With a standard 1,750 rpm input and 6:1 or 8.5:1 ratio speed ranges are adequate for the majority of applications. Other input speeds may be used but special lubrication arrangements need to be made for input speeds below 1,000 rpm. Standard ranges may be augmented by the use of a two speed motor or by running two F.U. drives in series. In this way ratios as high as 72:1 may be obtained.
Where the full range is not required, speed should, if possible, overlap the optimum speeds to obtain maximum efficiency. These optimum speeds are 1,560 for one roller and 970 rpm for four roller units.
Models V 0.5 thru V 6 may be fitted with additional reducers in a "monobloc" construction to provide a wider range of low output speeds. Speeds should only be adjusted when the drive is in motion.

Shaft rotation:
In one roller models input and output rotate in the same direction, in four roller models they rotate in opposite directions.
In all units the direction of rotation is not critical and shafts may rotate in either direction.