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Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives provide necessary voltage transformation as well as electric isolation needed for motor drives applications.  The variable speed drive transformer converts the medium network to the converter supply voltage.  Medium voltage networks from 5 kV up to 36 kV and converter supply voltage, usually ranging from 400 V to 4 kV, feed these drives.  Typical applications include submersible oil pump drives and corresponding equipment where only HV motor applications are accessible.  Variable speed drives are produced in oil insulated and dry type configurations up to 6 MVA ratings for various types of converters and output voltages.  Like our spur master gears and spline cutters, variable speed drives incorporate leading-edge technology and years of experience to create a component that has been highly recommended by the companies we serve.

One Roller Drives

One roller drives operate with one roller between input and output drive plates.  These drives are available with a plain input shaft or arranged for a flange mounted motor.  Sloppage is eliminated and with the incorporation of an automatic pressure regulator on the output shaft, constant speed is maintained under varying load conditions.  These drives have an efficiency rating of 77% to 92% based on output speed.  Complete a request for quote form and specify your required ratio, output speed range and horsepower capacity, you may also use this form to upload a drawing.

Four Roller Drives

Four roller drives can transmit constant horsepower at all output speeds with an average efficiency rating of 90%.  The automatic pressure system is maintained in equilibrium on the double cone rollers and all contact plates.  This eliminates the axial pressure on the bearings and any added stress on the housing.  Contact us to learn more and select efficient and dependable speed drives.